How to lose weight in 1 month?

lose weight in 1 month

What is the maximum weight to lose in 1 month? at their own pace!

Aiming for 1 kilo per week is not bad at all. Afterwards, the more you are over weight, the more you can hope to lose pounds quickly. Guillaume, coach and specialist in body transformation , says that he accompanied a very over weight person to lose 20 kilos in 6 weeks . But there were 30 to 35 kilos too much and that remains an exceptional case.

“It’s like when you start from zero level in gymnastics. You will progress a lot more than someone who is already at a high level.  weight loss, it works the same way.”

In practice, calculate your ideal weight and figure out how many pounds you would need to lose to achieve it. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a coach and a nutrition specialist who can set with you the steps and the time needed to reach your goal.

Lose weight fast like your friend: stop the comparisons

If your neighbor managed to lose 8 kilos in 1 month, that does not mean that you will succeed by going about it the same way. Guillaume explains to us how inter-individual differences are taken into account in the equation: ” Each person is different in terms of basic metabolism. Some individuals are very nervous, or very active. They tend to eat a lot, or nothing, or unbalanced and they will not gain weight. When others, at the slightest dietary difference, will see the difference on the scale.”

We don’t talk much about it, but epigenetics (study of the influence of the environment on gene expression) also plays a big role. All our behaviors, our lifestyles are different. The comparison between two individuals is difficult, because it would be necessary to observe these people for 24 hours and analyze all their lifestyle habits to fully compare them.

In other words, and without wanting to fall into the cliché: if you’re on the move, you’re nervous, you do your shopping on foot or by bike, your basic expenditure will tend to be higher than someone who has a very different and quieter way of life.

In practice, take the time to visualize your typical day and take stock of your lifestyle habits. How could they evolve? Calculate your basal metabolism to know your daily energy expenditure.

Decrease body fat: aim for a change in body composition

For Guillaume, the main challenge is to improve body composition: ” A good base of muscle mass allows the body to be more functional.

Because to lose weight in a month, you just have to stay in bed without eating… but there, it’s the muscles that are going to melt. (That’s obviously not advice! It’s so that we understand each other well) What is sought in the fact of wanting to lose weight, is to lose one’s fat mass in favor of its muscle mass. It’s a story of communicating vessels: I increase my muscle mass, so I spend more energy at rest. At that point, I will consume my fat mass. idea is to act on it. ”

Forget diets! Prefer a balanced diet on a daily basis and say goodbye to the undesirable effects of the yoyo of your scale. Guillaume, specialist in body transformations, allows us one joker meal per week, with a small reservation: ” Once a week, allow yourself a meal without constraints, with what makes you happy. Just be careful not to transform this joker into orgy. There’s nothing worse than wanting to “diet” (I hate that term!) all week to eat and drink without limits all weekend. The idea is to be reasonable regularly, but to keep a little extra from time to time for morale.”

Food associations

We avoid certain food associations such as protein + cereals. Prefer to combine proteins and vegetables or cereals with vegetables.

Frugality is good, but how to react in case of cravings? Think oilseeds!

You know, those nuts and seeds from plants, which are rich in oil (don’t worry, we’re talking about unsaturated fats which are good for your health!). Walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds… Guillaume insists on the wide choice and the importance of varying what you ingest to fill up with different micronutrients.

On this subject, Guillaume reminds us: ” legumes are rich in vegetable proteins. They therefore represent a godsend for diversifying your diet and reducing the share of animal proteins. Their excessive consumption (in addition to that of saturated fats and salt) represents a limiting factor in life expectancy.

Earn your carbs

For Guillaume, the most important thing comes down to: Earn your carbohydrates ! In other words, without minimum physical effort, it is preferable to reduce our consumption of sugar and cereals. Be careful not to completely cut yourself off from carbohydrate intake. They are the fuel of our body.

” Imagine a car: you put in gas when it runs out; never when the tank is full. The human body is the same. If you add carbohydrates when the body does not need them, it It’s like adding a second tank to your car…”

Global weight loss

At the risk of disappointing some, localized loss is a myth (which has just collapsed!). Guillaume explains to us: We have privileged storage areas, which are different for men and women and which depend on the food we have. The nutritional impact will have a significant effect on these areas. Hence the importance of varying and balancing your diet.

What will count for losing weight in a month is therefore the general energy expenditure.

A localized loss does not really exist. You can strengthen a particular area. Just because you’re going to do arm exercises doesn’t mean you’re going to lose arms. You will sculpt them by drawing them.

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