In what order should you apply your face products?

face products

The basis of perfect makeup is pure, natural skin. That’s why we put more emphasis on proper care to achieve a natural glow and healthy skin, using less foundation, concealer, etc.

The perfect foundation for flawless makeup is clean, natural skin. The market is full of skincare cosmetics: toners, serums, cleansers, scrubs, exfoliators, face masks and more. Not only is it necessary to consider the types of facial care products that match the individual skin type, but also the order in which they are applied. This ensures that the formulations are able to work their magic for the best results.

Only then can the products fulfill their specific tasks. But when and which product to use? This table should help you clarify this question!

The order of the “skincare routine”.

Freshly awake and about to get ready to go to the office, you open your bathroom cupboard. Here you are faced with a shelf full of your favorite products, and faced with a dilemma: in what order to apply them? In order for your face routine to be as effective as possible, we list the order in which you should apply your products. Your mine will thank you.

First step: facial cleanser

This is step #1, the immutable step: first of all, start by cleaning your face . In this way, you ensure that your skin is perfectly clean before attacking the following steps.

Second step: the tonic lotion

If you use a tonic lotion , it should be applied on a clean face, just after cleaning your face. It will prepare your skin for the following products.

Third step: the serums

Serums are like nutrient shots. Whether you’re a fan of hyaluronic acid (which helps keep skin hydrated), vitamin C (which protects against free radicals) or niacinamide (which helps eliminate redness), use them after your toner, so that they can penetrate the skin well before further operations.

Fourth step: face moisturizer

The moisturizer has a double role: obviously, it hydrates your skin, but it also helps to “lock” the products applied before into the skin, forming a kind of protective layer. In this way, they can continue to act throughout the day.

Fifth step: the eye contour serum

With a cooling massaging roll-on eye serum , you can focus on this area and pat in while your moisturizer soaks into the rest of your face.

Sixth step: oils

In the same way, the oils come to cover your skin and trap all the products used before in the skin, to increase the effectiveness of your routine. Adapt your choice of oil to your needs: some oils are recommended for dry skin, while others are more suitable for oily or combination skin.

Seventh step: sun protection

Particularly useful in summer, but essential all year round to prevent the sun from accelerating your skin aging, sun protection should be applied last. Like a shield. What she is.

If you shave, do this on cleansed skin, before applying your choice of toner or aftershave to soothe the skin. So this becomes the second step in your routine.

Similarly, if you have a beard, clean it after washing your face in the shower. Then apply all other products as noted.

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