How to preserve your mental health?

mental health

Hugging a loved one, going for a walk, practicing gratitude or even thinking about the goal of the day are some of the habits that help us feel good. Everyone can take active action to maintain and improve their mental health. Discover some good resolutions to take.

How to have good mental health?

“Mental health is an integral part of health indeed, there is no health without mental health “, recalls the World Health Organization (WHO) (Source 1) . We often think about preserving our physical health, but what about our mental health? Why is it important?

Mental health is both an individual and collective issue: “mental health and well-being are essential for human beings to be able, at the individual and collective level, to think, feel, interact with others, earn a living. and enjoy life” .

And while mental health is sometimes thought of as the business of psychology experts, there’s plenty of research to show that everyone can play a vital role in this area . We can all implement activities that benefit mental health.

It only takes a few small gestures to transform our daily lives, meet our needs, improve our mood and thus protect our mental health. Here are some wellness routine ideas to apply without moderation. There is no magic bullet, but you can adapt these elements to your own situation.

How to improve your mental health with sport?

Several studies indicate that physical activity is essential for good mental health . When we move, our body releases natural endorphins that improve mood. Exercise has also been shown to be as effective as mood-altering drugs in reducing symptoms of depression, according to Psychology Today .

There are countless studies proving how bad a sedentary lifestyle is for physical and mental health . If you’re not used to running a marathon, don’t panic, a short walk is enough. Walk to work, park further than your usual spot, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. All these little gestures will stimulate the production of hormones¬† that help fight stress and make you feel better about yourself. Small bonus: go out and enjoy nature if you have the opportunity. Your body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, and your mood will be lifted.

Nature and mental health

A growing number of studies indicate that the rate of mental illness is lower in rural areas than in cities. This difference would be linked to various factors, including contact with nature . Spending time in the countryside provides a space for well-being, reflection and meditation, which promotes exercise such as hiking, and increases exposure to sunlight .

How to take care of your mental health while seeing people?

We must not forget that the human being is a social being who also realizes himself in the link with others.

Socialization has an important role in maintaining mental health. It thus provides emotional, mental, but also physical benefits to the individual. Indeed, social activity and support from friends and family promotes mental health by protecting the brain from the negative effects of acute and chronic stress .

Some research suggests that socializing is particularly beneficial when it involves an altruistic contribution, as in the case of volunteering for example.

Even if it’s a bit hard at first, don’t hesitate to have a coffee with a friend, suggest an outing, a walk, a cinema, an activity… In addition to talking, the simple fact of being in the presence of others, helps to change your mind, to get out of your negative emotions and thoughts , from your ruminations…

And during a difficult time, try not to be alone too often or completely isolate yourself. Do not hesitate to contact a loved one, a trusted person or a resource that can provide you with support.

Touch and mental health

What is the most efficient, quick and easy way to recharge the battery? Take someone you love in your arms . A member of your family, a friend, a loved one, your cat or your dog. Studies have shown that physical contact for 10 seconds is enough to produce oxytocin , the happiness hormone . The simple act of touching another person, or oneself, by placing our hands on top of each other, for example, helps to relax.

According to several scientific studies, people of faith seem to benefit from a reduced risk of depression, drug addiction and suicide. In question, explain the researchers, the fact that the religious community in the places of worship helps to feel supported. Belief in a higher entity can also provide some comfort in difficult times .

Please note that spirituality and religion should not be confused. Spirituality can take many forms, ranging from yoga, to meditation, to contact with nature, to all existing religions. Do not hesitate to test several to find the one that suits you.

You can also use several natural health techniques to take care of your mental health, reduce your stress and reconnect with yourself: hypnosis, sophrology , mindfulness , positive visualization …

How does sleep guarantee well-being and good mental health?

We often forget that good sleep is the best way to maintain mental health and maximize mental and physical well-being. Each person has different needs, which vary over the course of their life, but a certain number of hours of rest are essential to function well. Here are some tips to promote good sleep and reduce stress:

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