10 foods for growth

foods for growth

Many parents ask themselves the question of which food to favor to help the child grow well. The answer is often “you have to eat soup!” », which is not totally false since this dish foods for growth contains many nutrients useful for growth. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it contributes to hydration and depending on the recipe, it can be a provider of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Of course, it’s not just the soup, and besides, it’s not always unanimous with our little ones.

Here are 10 foods to include in the menu to provide a healthy and diversified diet to children.

1 . The vegetables

7 foods for growth It’s not always easy to include vegetables in the menu, but you’ll have to be creative, because iron, fiber and vitamins are essential. Serving them as crudités with a nice presentation or a fun layout is a first alternative. Creating small snacks with carrot sticks , preparing donuts, croquettes or gratin with broccoli and zucchini offers another way to make vegetables love. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasure and to decorate the dishes with vegetables. You can also prepare a soup, pancakes, cupcakes or other recipes to subtly cultivate children’s taste for these healthy foods.

2 . The fruits

7 foods for growth Easier to integrate into eating habits than vegetables, fruits are foods rich in minerals and vitamin C. The apple can serve as a snack during snacks or be offered in a pie while the other fruits can be prepared in a salad. Juicing is a very easy way to consume fruit, but eating it raw is even more beneficial. You can for example present them in the form of skewers. If you have to introduce a new fruit, the trick is to serve it with a fruit that the children already like to prevent them from rejecting it.

3 . The water

7 foods for growth Hydration is important for health and for growing well. In addition to fruit or vegetable juices, water should hold a special place in the child’s diet. Get him used to drinking water from an early age so that he doesn’t like sweet drinks like soda. The ideal amount of water depends on its weight. From 30 kg, a child needs to drink 1 liter of water per day without counting the water already contained in his diet. The more energy he expends, the more water he will need to drink. To encourage him to adopt good habits, do not hesitate to offer him a colored glass or one with patterns that he likes or to give him a straw so that he finds pleasure in drinking it.

4 . Meat, chicken and fish

7 foods for growth Sources of protein to include in the diet, meat, chicken and fish are foods to be eaten by children. Of course, they must be offered a reasonable amount since other foods such as eggs also provide this nutrient. If the meat can be served in meatballs, chicken is a food generally appreciated thanks to its tender meat and containing very little fat. For fish, you have to be very careful with the bones and give preference to oily fish.

5 . Dairy products

7 foods for growth Rich in calcium , dairy products actively participate in the growth of the child. Necessary for bone health, these foods have no difficulty in appealing to the young and the little ones. It is advisable to offer them 3 servings a day, as they are also sources of protein and vitamins. As much as possible, offer them semi-skimmed milk.

6 . Eggs

Good for child development, this food is rich in protein. It is a complete food that offers the advantage of being easy to cook. You can prepare the egg in different shapes and your child can even have fun cooking their egg on their own or helping you during the preparation.

7 . rice and pasta

15 constipating or transit-promoting foodsSources of energy, carbohydrates and other nutrients,  rice and pasta provide the child with additional calories useful for their growth. In addition, children like pasta and it is quite easy to prepare. Using a cookie cutter, you can give different shapes to the portions of rice for more fun. In order to succeed in a balanced menu, do not hesitate to decorate them with vegetables and meats. Preferably, opt for pasta and brown rice, you will benefit from a better intake of fiber and minerals. However, limit the use of butter and fresh cream for healthier dishes.

8 . The cereals

Cereals are rich in trace elements such as magnesium, potassium or even zinc, which are essential for good growth. They are also great fiber providers. Breakfast stars, cereals can be eaten in various forms or in a bowl of milk. Similarly, bread can be eaten with cheese or accompany the meal for a satiating diet to avoid snacking, often the cause of obesity . Beware, however, of processed cereals that contain too much sugar.

9 . Legumes

One of the staples of the Mediterranean diet, legumes such as lentils, beans or chickpeas are beneficial to health. They are excellent sources of vegetable protein. They can supplement the meals of children from 12 months, but are often already introduced into the diet from 10 months. Do not hesitate to prepare them in soup or make dumplings so that they are more appreciated by the little ones.

10 . Olive oil

10 foods for growth Fats are essential to the body, but care should be taken to ensure a balanced diet. Thanks to its omega 9 and vitamin E content, olive oil is beneficial for the health and growth of children. You can also use rapeseed oil for the preparation of salads or to vary the sources of fatty acids. It should be known that the contribution of good fats can contribute to the improvement of the development of the brain.

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